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Desert Legal Documents is a low cost, self-help legal document assistance service and a  Community Resource Center.

CEO-Michael Eicksteadt, 

Desert Legal Documents LDA #000389, Riverside County

Member of California Association of Legal Document Assistants.

We are not attorneys, and Desert Legal Documents is not a Law Firm.

We can only provide self help service at your direction.

The following information is provided by the California Association of Legal Document Assistants and reprinted here with edits. 

The following information and all documents used are attorney approved.

Our Services Include:



With a properly drafted will, you can arrange for your estate to be distributed and administered according to your wishes.


Circumstances may arise when you cannot represent yourself, and a Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows you, the "principal", to authorize another individual, the "agent", or "attorney in fact",  to act on your behalf and deal with your financial life if you are unable. A POA can be revoked, in writing, at any time.


Also known as a "medical power of attorney", this category of POA is designed to enable your agent to make medically related decisions for you when you are unable to do so,


This document gives your healthcare agent permission to have access to your medical information, and lets your doctor know that you have waived your right to privacy under certain circumstances. This document works in conjunction with your Advanced Healthcare Directive.


A deed is the recorded evidence of the legal ownership of real property.


In California, a recently created form of deed allows an owner of real property to name a beneficiary on the deed itself, thereby avoiding probate. In very simple estate situations, it is possible that a "TODD" might suffice for your real property needs, and a living trust may not be necessary to avoid probate.



A living trust is a mechanism you can use to hold and manage property before and after your death as well as provide how those assets, and the income earned by those assets, will be distributed after your death. In the event of your incapacity, a Successor trustee you have named will manage the affairs of the trust for you as beneficiary, A living trust is not subject to probate and therefore all provisions of the trust will remain private, Certain assets must be renamed in the name of the trust. At Desert Legal Documents, renaming these assets in the name of your trust is included with your fee. 


Do you want to make sure your beloved pet is taken care of in the event of you incapacity or death? Desert Legal Documents can help you with that by preparing a pet trust.


Small Claims Court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively, Desert Legal Documents helps with the preparation of small claims petitions and trial preparation.


An adult can petition the court to officially grant a change of name, It involves filing several documents , and following the court's name change process. The result is a court order recognizing the new name.


The official word for divorce in California is "dissolution". There are two types of dissolutions in California, regular and summary. Summary dissolution, if you qualify, is a shorter and easier way. Briefly, a summary dissolution is possible for couples that  generally meet the following  criteria:

  1. Have no children
  2. The date of the marriage is less than five years from the date of filing.
  3. You do not own much property.
  4. You do not owe many debts.
  5. You have no disagreements as to how your debt and belongings are to be divided once you are no longer married.

Notary Services

Desert Legal Documents provides notary services.

Desert Legal Documents is a Community Resource Center.

  • Desert Legal Documents can provide referrals to attorneys and other entities for any of your other legal matters.

When a lawyer is not needed, save money by using Desert Legal Documents

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